Frequently asked questions


How can I contact you?

Can I commission a custom painting?

If you are looking for something personalized for a special occasion, gift, or anniversary, you can commission your own unique piece.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. You choose the song, color, and canvas size, then I'll paint it for you. Each piece is a unique oil painting on a 1.5 inch deep gallery-wrapped canvas. 

Prices vary depending on the size of the canvas. Contact me for a quote.

How long does a custom project take?

Due to the thickness and texture of my work, the oil paints take a substantial amount of time to dry. A custom painting takes at least one month. Each additional painting will take less time, because I can work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Where are you located?

I live and work in Provo, Utah.

Do you ship paintings in the Continental US?

Yes. Shipping and handling charges vary greatly, depending on the size of the painting and your location. I don't profit from the S&H costs. I find the lowest, insured shipping price and charge you at cost.

Where did you get the idea for paint the music?

In college, during a state of tumultuous introspection, I started painting abstract expressions of emotions. My art professor suggested, "Paint what you feel. Make it beautiful." I've been painting the music ever since.

What materials do you use?

All my paintings are on a 1.5 inch deep, no framing required, gallery-wrapped canvas. My work consists of multiple layers of gesso, plaster, and oil paint which provides a heavy and dense texture.

How do you decide which song to paint?

I let inspiration guide me to songs that invoke a strong emotional response. My best work is done when I'm in a creative flow state that is only accomplished when I'm listening to music. I choose songs that allow me to get out of my own way.

Why are your prices so low?

I love to paint! I love art! I love people! I try to keep my prices as low as possible, because I want everyone to enjoy beautiful, original artwork in their private residence or business.