Here you will find the journal of a Queer, Mormon, Transhumanist.

This is Heaven

This is Heaven

William: You know how I was dead when I was a baby and then the doctors brought me back to life?

Me: Yes. It was very scary. 

William: Well, if I died and now I’m alive this is heaven right now.

Me: Huh. I never thought of it that way.

William: But when I came back to life and came here, the other me that died could have kept living in another place—like with another you and Dad and Preston and Elizabeth. What if there is bunches of us all over in the universe dying and living all the time?

Me: William, I think you’re hinting at the multiverse theory.

William: No it’s not. It’s my theory. I thought if it.

Me: Indeed, my love.

William: I don’t want to die to see if there’s a heaven. What if I’m nowhere when I die? What happens when I die? 

Me: No one knows for sure. Many religions will tell you different things.

William: That’s what I’m telling you. I kind of know. Because I died as a baby, then I was resurrected by the doctors here. So this has to be heaven—or at least one type of heaven. Who knows, there could be lots of heavens all over the universe!

Me: William, I think you’re brilliant.

William: Does this mean I can have dessert? You promised I could have dessert tonight.

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