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Three Poems

Three Poems

The Mormon Feminist community has been writing poetry and blessings for our dear Gina Colvin as she faces possible excommunication. Below are three poems I wrote for her. Though these poems were written for Gina, these are also for every Mormon woman who has been called into a patriarch’s office to have her worthiness evaluated.

We Were Rebuked

They told us be like your Father who art in heaven.
They told us follow the example of your brother Jesus.
They told us be made perfect in Him.
They told us we are made in His image.
They told us listen to the Spirit, He will confirm the truth.
They told us come follow me, so we did.

 Yet, we were rebuked.

We were rebuked for following His example.
We were rebuked for believing we are made in His image.
We were rebuked for calling on His priesthood power.
We were rebuked for claiming our divine nature.
We were rebuked for believe all are alike unto God.
We were rebuked for believing the Spirit confirmed truth.

Who knew obedience to the patriarchs
was a punishable offense?

Mother, forgive them,
for they know not what they do.

Be Like Us

1 Blessed are you, my daughter, for you are favored among the Gods. Be like us, and I, God the Mother, will share my power with you.

2 I am the Mother, hear me. Blessed are you for standing for truth and righteousness and against all manner of wickedness. Blessed are you for yours is my glory and not the glory of men.

3 My laws are higher than man’s law, and their ways are not my ways. They say the greatest law of heaven is obedience, but nay, my Son taught you the greatest law of heaven is love. And you will be blessed for your faithfulness to my law.

4 When thine enemies speak ill of thee remember your greatness is not found in the hardness of your heart, but in charity. My kindness never was weakness, and the glory of God is intelligence. Be like us, my daughter, even against thine accusers.

5 You have withstood with integrity, and I shall strengthen your flesh and bones. I will not forsake you.

6 Lo, I will heal your soul. I will be thy friend; For you are well with me. Cast your shame upon me so that you may live according to thy love and desires. Cast your woes upon me so that you may do many great and important things free of burden. I will mourn with you as you have mourned with your sisters; And I will cast out your sorrows like a disease and fill your being with my love, O faithful daughter. I will heal your soul if you so desire.

7 Be like us. Preach my word which is the gospel of love and life. Let all love and life flourish in and around you, such as it was with Eve, the mother of all living. There is much work to be done. Let not the past laden your pursuit of eternal glory. You are my daughter, and my glory shall be thy glory.

8 Live well, work well, love well, for on the last I shall say: Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Receive my glory. Amen.

In Her Likeness

You are made in Her likeness,
swathed in cloth as a priestess.
Blessed are you for your faithfulness.
Search no more for women’s godliness.
You are here in all goodness,
and about your Mother’s business.

Superhuman: The Superman and Superhumanity

Superhuman: The Superman and Superhumanity

My Crime

My Crime