I am Mormon.

I am a Mormon enthusiast, which is to say I am highly interested in, motivated by, and invested in Mormonism. I am irrevocably Mormon. I was born in the covenant, raised in the LDS tradition, and sealed in the LDS temple. I am a ninth generation Mormon, making my children tenth generation Mormons. Mine and my husband’s sixth great grandparents were among the first 100 members to be baptized into the Church. My ancestors were polygamous. My fourth great grandmother, Amanda Barnes Smith, was sealed to Joseph Smith as one of his plural wives. Mormonism is part of my genetic code and ethnicity.

My Mormon agenda is to become Gods, that is one with God, and live with our loved ones in celestial glory for all eternity in a state of eternal progression. This is not a goal rooted in supernatural means and abilities, but a goal rooted in our immersive participation in the myths we worship.