I am a transhumanist.

I use the word transhumanist to describe those who subscribe to the ethical use of science and technology as means to transform the human condition toward a posthuman trajectory. Transhumanism holds that we can evolve beyond our current physical, cognitive, and social limitations. Human rights issues are a part of addressing humanity’s physical, cognitive, and social limitations. As our technology progresses in sophistication and power it will express our inner most desires. 

My transhumanist agenda is to become a part of a radically compassionate, super-intelligent posthumanity. A wise approach toward the evolution of our species is a joint effort to continue to develop technologies which enhance our abilities while simultaneously acting to mitigate risks and concrete threats, such as oppression, violence, and ignorance. Utopian visions of the future may differ according to desires, but pioneering a better tomorrow is not about naiveté to risk—it’s about hope, faith, and trust that love and compassion can overcome risk.